The Arc Fond du Lac is the premier service organization serving adults and youth with disabilities in the Fond du Lac area. The Arc difference is demonstrated everyday in the person-centered approach that our clients experience in our Special Living Services program, Adult Day Service program, and Community Enrichment programs.

EXECDIR001.jpgThe Arc Difference
Here at The Arc Fond du Lac, we pride ourselves on the unsurpassed quality of services that we provide to our clients.  Our Board of Directors and staff members are dedicated to each of the individuals that we serve, and strive to support every need that they may have through our services and advocacy.  The Arc provides our clients with the opportunity to attain the maximum quality of life allowing them to integrate into our community as much as possible.  Most importantly, our hope that that each and every person that we work for will grow as a person, achieving heights beyond expectation.

Judith---CEP--web.jpgThe Arc in Action
Judith is a client of
The Arc's Opportunity Center.  Her smiling face lights up the room whenever she enters.  A Fond du Lac resident, Judith has been sharing her enthusiasm for life for with the adult day service program at The Arc for three years.  She participates in various activities five days a week.  Judith enjoys spending time with her friends and the staff always remark on her hard-working attitude.  When cooking class begins, Judith's face beams.  Her love of cookies is second to none!  Her limited vocalization skills do not stop her from sharing the joy that she finds in all the activites that she participates in.

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Two of our new adult family homes are schedulded for completion by December